Toddler Care

The Toddler Program is designed to help promote the physical, intellectual, and social development of each child in our program in a manner that is consistent with the child’s cultural background as well. Throughout the day, we have collaborative activities that coincide with the materials and equipment for learning and growth to occur. The Toddler Program is focused on verbal development, social/emotional growth, conflict resolution and the development of self-help skills like washing hands, feeding themselves and taking care of their bodies and minds. 


The status of your child’s growth is documented throughout the year and kept in each child’s file. The parents will receive a copy of this record along with the opportunity to have a conference with your child’s teacher twice a year. Daily sheets on our Tadpole app are used to inform parents of your child’s food intake, sleeping pattern and general attitude and behavior for the day as well as sharing pictures and videos throughout the day. 


Quiet activities such as math, art, and language and active activities such as dramatic play, large muscle, and music are also part of your child’s day. Some activities are child initiated and others are teacher directed.


We provide a good balance of active, quiet, group, and structured activities so your child will be happy and content while away from home.

We encourage your toddler to use their words whenever possible to help them communicate effectively. We also use baby sign to help with communication skills. 

  • Art media, sensory containers, easels, and tactile areas in the classroom are available for use during structured and unstructured times throughout the day

  • Teachers will age-appropriately encourage children to try to dress themselves, feed themselves, wash their hands, and begin toilet training

  • Children will go outdoors twice daily, weather permitting. We encourage children to participate in games and music and movement activities to help with their coordination and motor abilities

  • The teachers promote cooperative play and friendships. Children are introduced to ethnically diverse activities and teachers encourage respect and understanding for individual differences

  • Children will be introduced to a variety of activities and materials that will introduce concepts such as color, shapes, counting, big and little, experimentation, patterning, matching, and classification


A written curriculum and schedule are available for parents review at any time.